Hippo Stars in Telus Commercial

Happy Hippo
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In a recent Telus campaign, the Greater Vancouver Zoo's baby hippo, Hazina appears, riling animal right's organizations such as the Vancouver Humane Society. The society believes this will spur trade of exotic animals, says Vancouver's daily Metro News. However, the larger issue here seems to be that the zoo has not yet built a suitable accomodation for the growing animal. Telus conceeded that the hippo should have a better living environment and has contributed $10,000 to the zoo for this purpose. I think that's one good reason to involove the zoo in more advertising. If the zoo can't raise funding well enough on its own maybe it's time to venture down this road further.


2010: The Next Five Years

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I can't think of many things that get me more excited than the Olympics. I was lucky to be in Australia in 2000 for the summer games and I will definitely be in Vancouver and Whistler for the winter games in 2010. While I'm very disappointed Toronto did not get 2008, it's thrilling that the games will still be coming to Canada in the next decade.

The construction has now begun on facilities in the (now referred to as the) twin cities of Whistler and Vancouver and I have all the confidence in the world that these games will go off without a hinge. In fact, I know they'll be a huge success.

Whistler has been long recognized as a premier resort town but it's now garnering a reputation for more than just snowboarding/skiing, mountain biking and golf. The Whistler Film Festival takes place this weekend until December 4th. CBC will be broadcasting "The Hour" with George Stromboulopoulous from the festival, one that has been growing in recent years thanks to increased marketing and attention from an international spoltlight due to the Games.